All images & text published by Haejung Jung, 2022. Personal use open license. Press reproduction by permission only. Please include caption on all usage.

Jung, Hae jung

(MA) Korea National University of Arts, seoul, Korea
(MA) Geneva University of Art & Design, geneva, Switerland (exchange)
(BA) Hong ik University, seoul, Korea

Solo exhibition
2020 Off the Map, online platform
2017 Seoul 2016 Winter, Ujeongguk, Seoul
2012 9 and 3/4 platform, Itaewon street, gallery 175, Seoul
2011 Seoul Ant and A Missing bag, Grimson Gallery, Seoul
2010 Close your eyes, Doll gallery, Seoul

Group exhibition
2022 firefly walk, Gwangju Asian Culture Center, Gwang-ju
2022 Earth and Art_handshaking, Windmill, Seoul
2022 In the tumultuous summer, leaning against the sun, Wumin Art Center, Chung-ju
2022 Trouble Travel, Perigee gallery, Seoul
2021 Your periphery is my center, Online
2021 Perigee winter show, Perigee gallery, Seoul
2021 Sapy collection 26, SAPY, Seoul
2019 Overdrive, Incheon art platform, Incheon
2019 Davinci creative, Guem chun art factory, Seoul
2019 Plastic Love, Sangsangmadang gallery, Seoul
2019 Welcome to our campsite, Lotte galley, Seoul, Il-san
2018 Wonder City, Se-hwa museum, Seoul
2017 For Subtracted Art from Art, Incheon art platform, Incheon
2017 Report, Incheon art platform, Incheon
2017 IAP short stories, Incheon art platform, Incheon
2016 The way of traveling daily life, Il-hyun museum, Yangyang
2016 #, Kum-chun Art space, Seoul
2015 A dialogue between, Il-hyun museum eul-ji space, Seoul
2015 Artience Lap, Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science, Dae-jeon
2015 1night 2days with artist, Guem chun art factory, Seoul
2015 Water also can dream, Jeju museum, Jeju
2015 Public Library Independent Publishing Reading Room, Seoul
2014 Dae-bu island sunset&sunrise, Gyeongi creative center, Ansan
2014 Inner Voices, Dan-wuon museum, Ansan
2014 Creativity's tomorrow, Seoul City hall, Seoul
2014 Korea Tomorrow, Dong-dae-mun design plaza, Seoul
2014 Everyone has their stories, Gyeongi-do museum, Gyeongi
2014 collaboration's attraction, young-eun museum, Gyeongi
2014 New Hero, Blue square Nemo, Seoul
2014 Boby's language, space zero, Seoul
2013 Shared Isolation, Kumho museum, Seoul
2013 About books, Sangsangmadang gallery, Seoul
2012 37.9n 22.9n, Kunshan Art gallery, Taiwan
2012 Private Land, Skape gallery, Seoul
2011 Young artist project, dae-gu EXCO, Dae-gu
2010 Stranger, eul-ji hospital gallery, Seoul
2009 Platform in kimusa, kimusa, Seoul
2009 Travel grant, il-hyun museum, Yang-yang
2009 Art therapy, National hospital museum, Seoul
2009 Scope, hong ik Univ museum, Seoul

2021 Bucheon Fantastic movie festival, Bucheon
2015 Nemaf, Seoul
2015 Busan international video festival, Bandi, Busan
2014 Reference state, Trade post, Seoul
2014 WaveWave, Space Hae-bang, Seoul
2014 Movineline, Arko museum archive, Seoul
2011 Experimental Film and Video Festival, korea film archive center, Seoul
2010 International video festival, gallery Bandi, Busan
2010 Media archive project, Arko museum archive, Seoul

2021 Plant's funiture, Surim art center, Seoul, 2021

Public art project
Seoul public art project (co-work), cinema hill at Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, 2009

2021 Post musical play-in the room, Shincheon cultural foundation, Seoul
2020 Sun, Walk, Play, Inchoen Art Platform, Incheon (Instrument Design)
2019 Sing a museum, National contemporary art museum, Educator, Seoul
2018 Davinci Lap Live, Guem chun art factory, Seoul
2018 Sound Map Project, Mun-rae art space, Stage art director, Seoul
2018 A ram LEE X Eun hee CHO Showcase, Stage art director, Incheon art platform, Incheon
2017 Sound Map Project, Stage art director, Mun-rae art space, Seoul
2015 WaveWave performance+tour, Han river, Seoul
2014 Ping pong party at maronie park, Seoul
2014 Insa Art Space artist's workshop, Seoul

2021 Surim Art-lab, Surim Cultural Foundation
2020 Perigee gallery artist selected, Perigee gallery
2020 Art Must Go On, Seoul Cultural Foundation
2017 Seoul Cultural Foundation, Seoul
2017 Incheon Cultural Foundation, Incheon
2015 Artience project, Daejeon
2015 Seoul Cultural Foundation, Seoul
2014 Seoul Cultural Foundation, Seoul
2014 Selected as Artist, Public art magazine
2012 Hyun-dae card Art project, Seoul
2012 Seoul Cultural Foundation, Seoul
2011 SEMA young artist, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
2011 Story telling Prize, Su Rim Culture Foundation, Seoul
2010 Video Festival Prize, Alternative Space Bandi, Busan
2010 Selected as Arko Media Archive, Arko Archive, Seoul
2009 IL Hyun Travel Grant Grand Prize, IL Hyun museum, Yang-yang

2018.3-2019.2 Goyang Residency, Goyang, Korea
2017.3-2018.1 Incheon art platform, Incheon, Korea
2016.10 Apex art, Newyork, United-states
2015.7-2016.6 Gum-chun art factory, Seoul, Korea
2014.3-2015.2 Gyeongi creation center, Gyeongi-do, Korea
2012.7-2013.6 Kum-ho museum residency, E-cheon, Korea

'WaveWave', 284p, 10.5x15cm, 2017
'Palm Map', 150p, 15x21cm, 2012
'East Coast Landscape Table', 128p, 11.5cmx18cm, 2011